Wisefixer 4.0 License


Mntnrvn reply on December 28, 2013, that this product is a nightmare, as the technical staff at the other end to the labour market. I did an analysis of the registry of the computer and caused severe damage, including windows pop up increases the loss of free Wi - Fi. a lot of new problems. After running the analysis and activation code, Sage has shown fixer, this team has a value of 100, but when I ran the exploration of another company, showed 16457 computer problems. You want returned my money and keep trying, something else to let me try. This company is wrong, because their site said: after purchasing the fixer of the test, the client should a 60 wisefixer 4.0 license political day return warranty date of purchase. Meanwhile, the boxes will receive a refund of the purchase price if you are not satisfied with the operation of the software. Buyer beware! If you buy a new computer and you use this software to go, because this is what you need to do if your computer via download of Fixer was an old computer. Save this message,.